About Author

Marion Miles

Marion Mile’s book “Was She Murdered? Jailed Girl Driver, 13 Hangs Self” has just recently become available for purchase. Her book, a Native American genre, will soon be recognized as an important work for women and men of color, the “Me Too Movement,” etc..

Before publication, Marion’s ultimate goal was to initiate a marker to awaken readers to the profound weaknesses of parenting skills which hampers their offspring’s everyday critical thinking—we today are not doing enough to help that along, even within the public school system. Jumpstarting this is crucial to the wellbeing of future generations’ thought processes and decision making. Parents, today, can no longer ignore all the scary signs (iPhones, endless mind-numbing electronic games) which are crippling our children intellectually way before they graduate and leave home. Not saying we can’t indulge, just so it doesn’t become the fix-it-all panacea to parenting—another way of ignoring our children.

Marion writes part-time for her own personal enjoyment. She is a Native American elder living on the reservation where poverty is paramount to other communities. She hopes her story will get others interested in making positive changes for our young people.